Navy League of Canada - Lanark Branch

About Us

The Lanark Navy League Branch is composed of volunteers made up of parents of cadets and other volunteers interested in the Navy League program.

The mandate of the Branch is to manage the funding of sponsored Corps as well as provide the necessary facilities, such as a building, transportation, etc., necessary for the cadet programs.

The Branch meets on a regular basis at the Navy League building located at 137 John Street, Carleton Place. The Branch also sponsors Bingos at the Carleton Place Bingo Hall to help raise funds for the cadet programs and to provide funds for the operation and maintenance of the Navy League building and other costs associated with running a successful cadet program.

Members of the Branch Executive Committee (Board of Directors) are elected on an annual basis by all members of the Branch. Cadet parents as well as other interested individuals can become members of the Branch.

Executive Committee members must be members of the Branch but do not necessarily have to have children enrolled in the one of the cadet programs.

Please contact the Branch if you're interested in helping the Branch in any capacity. Volunteers are always welcome.

The Navy League program provides a complete schedule of activities for both corps. Most of the activities are held during the school year and start approximately one week after Labour Day and end in early June. Camps are also held during the summer months.

Activities such as marching drills, seamanship, musical instructions for band members and others are common to both the Sea Cadets and the Navy League programs. However, the two corps have activities that are particular to each corps.

Some of the activities include:

• Leadership training • Drill

• Semaphore • Sailing

• Teamwork training • Sheer legs

• Seamanship • Gyn

• First Aid • Range

The cadet programs however are not “all work” and “no-play”. Trips to local attractions, dances, sports nights and other fun activities are also organized by the Officers and the Navy League for cadets during the year. For more information about the corps programs, please drop by during one of the cadet training evenings (Wednesday, Navy League cadets) (Thursday, Sea Cadets) or call the Branch.